Monday, February 5, 2007

The Definition of a Friend

"Friend" is a word that the majority of people define in a wrong way. Most of the people think of a friend as one whom he can benefit from; so, as soon as he gets what he wants from him, he is no longer a friend. I think a friend is a person who has three characteristics. First, he is always there when you need him. Second, he is always honest with you. Third, he can understand your feeling without even talking to him. A friend always becomes happy for your happiness and sad for your sadness. There are many types of friends; some friends make you happy when you are with them, others make you feel safe when you are near them, some you feel comfortable confiding in, but the common thing between all types of friends is the love and trust between you and them. For example, my best friend is Musab. He has been my best friend for more than five years. We trust each other, and each of us helps the other whenever he needed any help. We spend together a lot of time chatting either face to face, or by phone. But even Musab, even though I spend with him a lot of time and I feel happy when I'm with him, doesn't know every secret in my life. I have some other friends I feel more comfortable telling them my secrets; that doesn't mean I don't trust Musab, but he is not the kind of friend I can confide in.


Hiromi said...

Hello, Aziz! My name is Hiromi and I'm from Japan. I visited UM last summer as a participant of the program made by my university. I actually attended Nina's class!

Your view of the word "friend" did remind me of one of my best friends. She's been always there for me to go through hardships, and to share happiness with me as your best friend does. I'm always thankful to be able to have a friend like her.

I enjoyed reading your post! Keep up the good work! I look forward to it. Also, it's nice to meet you.

Gladys Baya said...

Hi Aziz! I really like your definition of "friend"... :-D I'd add a friend is also someone you find easy to forgive when they fail to meet one of those conditions, too, just because you love them! ;-)

Your teacher, Nina, is a great cyber-friend of mine... Have you ever made friends with a teacher?

Buenos Aires, Argentina